Kipnes Lantern, National Arts Centre of Canada

Creating a digital LED canvas to shine light on Canadian culture and arts
National Arts Centre of Canada
Ottawa, ON, Canada
Pixel Pitch:
16mm; 6mm
The Kipnes Lantern stands tall as the centrepiece of the National Arts Centre's architectural revival. Rising above the entrance, this five-story glass tower integrates state-of-the-art transparent LED screens. It serves as a dynamic canvas, showcasing captivating imagery of Canada's leading artists and productions, celebrating the nation's rich cultural heritage. This innovative installation, part of the NAC's multi-million-dollar rejuvenation, was unveiled in commemoration of Canada's 150th anniversary. With unrivalled brightness and up to 93% transparency, the Kipnes Lantern captivates audiences, illuminating the heart of Ottawa with its breathtaking display of artistic excellence.
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