Mesh Series

Versatile, transparent, and waterproof, MESH Series redefines LED displays.

Outstanding Apperance

Simple and Sleek

Versatile, transparent, and waterproof, MESH Series redefines LED displays.

Reduced wind load reaction

The led louver design makes it less affected by the winds

Weatherproof Reliability

Rugged Performance, Rain or Shine

Our products offer full protection with IP67 rating, high-temperature resistance, and robust resistance to rain, snow, and strong winds, ensuring they stand up to even the harshest weather conditions.

Ultra-High Refresh Rate

Seamless Visuals, Every Millisecond

With a refresh rate of over 5000Hz, our displays excel in providing unparalleled visual stability. The higher the refresh rate, the smoother and more stable the image, reducing flickering and shaking for an exceptional viewing experience.

Dust & Water Resistant

IP 67


Up to

10,000 nits


Up to



3 led mounting methods


Exceptional Image Quality

16-Bit Clarity, Always Clear

Our displays guarantee outstanding 16-bit quality, maintaining crystal-clear image and video content regardless of the brightness setting.


Reliable Performance, No Matter the Distance

Our MESH series features a distinct design with separate power and control components, minimizing the curtain wall load and enabling a lighter system. Easy access enhances maintenance efficiency, ensuring long-term reliability with minimal disruptions.

Effortless Setup and Care

Simplified Installation and Swift Maintenance

Our unit structure and patented design enable easy installation and tool-free maintenance by a single person in just one minute, making setup and upkeep a breeze.

Vivid Color Spectrum

Wide Gamut for True Color Fidelity

Our MESH series boasts a wide color gamut, ensuring true color fidelity by encompassing an extensive range of producible colors within our technical system.

Extreme Temperature Resilience

Stable Performance in the Harshest Climates

Our MESH series excels in extreme temperatures, with stable operation in conditions as cold as -40°C and as hot as +70°C.

Energy Efficient and self Cooling

Save Energy, Stay Cool

Our MESH series consumes 250W/㎡ maximum, eliminating the need for additional cooling systems. The transparent LED Louver screen offers self-cooling, saving on both energy and maintenance costs.

Specifications Table

Model MESH10x16 MESH16 MESH20x25 MESH25 MESH25x50 MESH31.25 MESH31.25x50
Pixel Pitch (mm) 10*16mm 16*16mm 20.8*25mm 25*25mm 25*50mm 31.25*31.25mm 31.25*50mm
Brightness (nits) 10000 7800 6000 5000 2500 3200 2000
Transparency (%) >54.4% >54.4% >58% >58% >72% >55% >72%
Cabinet Dimension (mm) 500 x 1000mm or 1000 x 1000mm
Resolution (pixel/m²) 6250 3906 1920 1600 800 1024 640
Refresh Rate (Hz) 5,000
Viewing Angle 120°/120°
IP Rating IP65
Working Temperature (°C) -20℃ - 45℃
Average Power Consumption (W/m²) 285 230 170 140 70 96 60
Maximum Power Consumption (W/m²) 850 765 510 420 210 288 180
Model MESH25D MESH25x50D MESH31.25D MESH31.25D MESH31.25x50D
Pixel Pitch (mm) 25 x 25 25 x 50 31.25 x 31.25 31.25 x 31.25 31.25 x 50
Brightness (nits) 9,000 7,200 6,000 9,200 6,000
Transparency (%) >58% >72% >55% >55% >72%
Cabinet Dimension (mm) 500 x 1000
Resolution (pixel/m²) 1,600 800 1,024 1,024 640
Refresh Rate (Hz) 5,000
Viewing Angle 120°/60°
IP Rating IP65
Working Temperature (°C/°F) -20℃ - 45℃
Average Power Consumption (W/m²) 150 90 105 115 70
Maximum Power Consumption (W/m²) 450 260 315 345 210

Boundless Creativity

Customized for Your Vision

Discover endless possibilities with our MESH series, offering customization for various applications, including ceiling displays, building facades, LED sculptures, and more.

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