Poster Series

Minimal space, lightweight frames, visible 24/7, surpassing traditional displays and paper posters.

Outstanding Apperance

Simple and Sleek

ClearLED POSTER transparent LED display modules take up the minimum of space, frames are simple, lightweight, and elegant.

Maximize Returns with ClearLED

Proven Impact on Sales

ClearLED Posters provide outstanding results, contributing to revenue growth through product advertising. Whether you choose to purchase or lease, ClearLED Posters boost sales and enhance brand visibility.

Brighter than bright

See it from Further Way

With up to 5,500 nits in brightness, our ClearLED Posters are visible 24/7, even in bright daylight, and beat traditional paper based posters, non-transparent LED posters, projectors, and LCDs.

High transparency

See the Difference

ClearLED Posters set a new standard with remarkable transparency (55% to 60%). Unlike traditional non-transparent LED posters that block light, ClearLED Posters seamlessly blend natural daylight with vivid displays, giving shoppers a clear view both in and out.

Efficiency with Digital Signage

Operational Savings and Marketing Impact

Our Poster Series harnesses digital signage to cut long-term operational costs by eliminating paper ads and providing energy-efficient LED panels. This not only streamlines operations but also serves as a powerful marketing tool for broad audience reach.



Pixel Pitch

Up to

5,500 nits


Up to



Versatile Installation Choices

Customizing Your Display

Choose from multiple installation methods for our Poster Series product, including floor stand, hanging sign, and combining multiple posters for expansive displays. Tailor your installation to suit your unique needs and space.

FLOOR stand

Elevate your Poster Series display with a floor stand setup. This versatile option allows you to place your posters anywhere for maximum visibility and engagement.

Hanging Sign

Opt for a Hanging Sign installation to create an eye-catching, suspended display. It's an ideal choice for spaces with limited floor area, providing an artistic touch to your surroundings.

Manage content globally

Effortless Control, Worldwide Reach

Harness the power of ClearLED's cloud-based content management system to effortlessly manage multiple posters and collaborate with multiple users, ensuring instant updates across the globe.


Specifications Table

Model MESH10x16 MESH16 MESH20x25 MESH25 MESH25x50 MESH31.25 MESH31.25x50
Pixel Pitch (mm) 10*16mm 16*16mm 20.8*25mm 25*25mm 25*50mm 31.25*31.25mm 31.25*50mm
Brightness (nits) 10000 7800 6000 5000 2500 3200 2000
Transparency (%) >54.4% >54.4% >58% >58% >72% >55% >72%
Cabinet Dimension (mm) 500 x 1000mm or 1000 x 1000mm
Resolution (pixel/m²) 6250 3906 1920 1600 800 1024 640
Refresh Rate (Hz) 5,000
Viewing Angle 120°/120°
IP Rating IP65
Working Temperature (°C) -20℃ - 45℃
Average Power Consumption (W/m²) 285 230 170 140 70 96 60
Maximum Power Consumption (W/m²) 850 765 510 420 210 288 180
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