X-Glass Series

Wow your audience with high-impact world-class transparent LED displays

Weatherproof Assurance

Dependable Even in Rain

With waterproof reliability, the X-Glass ensures uninterrupted performance, rain or shine, for a worry-free display experience.

Brighter than bright

10,000 Nits of Striking Illumination

Experience striking visibility with our featured product, boasting 10,000 nits for exceptional brightness day and night.

Invisible Innovation

90% Transparency, Seamless Integration

Our cutting-edge solution offers 90% transparency, harmonizing with glass installations while allowing abundant natural light into your space.

Reliability Redefined

Minimal Failure, Maximum Confidence

Embrace worry-free operations with our X-Glass's low failure rate, ensuring a seamless and reliable display experience.

Dust & Water Resistant

IP 65


Up to

10,000 nits


Up to



Sleek Elegance, Slim Profile

A Visual Marvel at 7.5mm

Experience the epitome of elegance with our slim 7.5mm profile, redefining visual excellence in a sleek package.

Specifications Table

Pixel Pitch (mm) 7.8mm 10mm
Brightness (nits) 3,000 ~8,000 nit 3,000 ~6,000 nit
Transparency (%) >89% >90%
Pixel Density (pixel/m²) 16,384 9,216
Refresh Rate (Hz) >3,840Hz
Viewing Angle 120°/120°
Viewing Distance (m) >8m / >26' >10m / >32'
Working Temperature -25℃ - 55℃ / -13 ~131 °F
IP Rating IP65
Average Power Consumption (watts/module) 120 120
Maximum Power Consumption (watts/module) 400 400

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