Jordan's Furniture, Farmington, CT

Reinvent what the furniture shopping experience should be
Jordan's Furniture
Farmington, CT, USA
Pixel Pitch:
1200nit, 2.5mm
Transforming the retail experience, Jordan's Furniture showcases a monumental MicroLED display spanning 78 feet in width and 24 feet in height. With MicroLED technology, boasting a staggering 9.6k resolution, viewers are treated to unparalleled clarity and vibrancy. Complementing this is an immersive LED tunnel, extending 30 feet in length and 14.5 feet in height, powered by Ribbon series. Offering vivid visuals and customizable journeys into retail's future, the tunnel's 4K resolution ensures sharpness and captivation. Through ClearLED's advanced technology, Jordan's Furniture creates dynamic atmospheres, setting new standards for customer engagement and unforgettable retail experiences.
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